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Application for WE USA - Entrepreneurship Program

Join 'WE - Women Entrepreneurship' in a unique and innovative entrepreneurship program to gain the skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur!


Who are we?

"WE" is a non-profit organization that promotes women's entrepreneurship, offering entrepreneurship programs at leading academic institutions.


What does the program include?

The entrepreneurship program consists of weekly meetings with key industry experts and influential entrepreneurs. We are honored to welcome entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders from various industries to share their inspiring stories.


By joining WE, you can gain skills in leadership, networking, pitching ideas, storytelling, creative thinking, fundraising, teamwork, business communication, and more.


Who are you?

A woman - interested in entrepreneurship who wants to network with successful and inspirational people.


**We will be in touch with further instructions!**

Application for WE's USA Entrepreneurship Program
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