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WE Program


Learn what it takes to build a $1 billion business from the people who have done it

Managing Partner

Mar Hershenson

Managing Partner

Pear VC


Sara Leary



Editor in Chief

Jason Feifer

Editor in Chief

Entrepreneur Magazine

Former CEO

Noam Bardin

Former CEO


*Upcoming and previous speakers

Our Speakers

About The Course

Join 'WE - Women Entrepreneurship' in a unique and innovative entrepreneurship program to gain the skills & connections you need to succeed as an entrepreneur!


What does the program include?

By joining WE, you can gain skills in leadership, networking, pitching ideas, storytelling, creative thinking, fundraising, teamwork, business communication, and more.

The program hosts top leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and investors who share their knowledge and personal experiences.


What Our Members Say

“WE has been a fruitful and inspiring experience. After completing it, I was able to close almost 2M$ in pre-seed funding from various investors for our con-tech startup, Tweaks.”

Lior Kantor

Co-Founder & CEO


“Thanks to WE, I was able to close about 1M$ in pre-seed funding from VCs and angel investors for our wellness startup, Elvy."

Or Harel

Co-Founder & CEO


“WE Program gave me the courage, knowledge, tools, community and inspiration to start a venture and fundraise pre-seed from VC’s and angels investors for our healthcare startup, Feminai.”

Karny Ilan

Co-Founder & CEO


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The Course Syllabus

*The sessions themes can change to other similar themes



Hear about the entrepreneurial journey from a famous female entrepreneur.


Market Research

Conducting market analysis and identifying target customers, analyzing competitors and market trends



Exploring different fundraising options, understanding venture capital, angel investors, and more fundraising options.


Business Communication

Strategies for successful networking will be explored, along with insights into utilizing various platforms and events to enhance business connections.



Explore diverse marketing channels and strategies, define and target customer segments, and gain an understanding of the role of digital marketing in the contemporary business landscape.


Ideation & Validation

Gain Tools for developing creative thinking systematically, Learn how to structure the ideation process, Learn methods to identify potential business ideas, Learn Methodologies for evaluating business ideas.


Business Model

Developing a sustainable business model, creating a comprehensive business plan.



Learn how to leave a lasting impression through a powerful opening and ending to your pitch, get key storytelling methodologies and public speaking best practices.



Gain the knowledge to confidently address legal challenges, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives in a compliant and ethical manner. Learn to navigate the complexities of business structures, protect your intellectual assets, and foster a legally sound enterprise.


Summarize & Conlcusion

Next steps for your entrepreneurial journey.

Ready to join the people who have done it? 

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Who Is It For?

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Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Side Hustlers

Intrapreneurs (inside an organization)

Interested in learning a new field

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Already are working on a business

Aspiring to start a business / side-hustle / project

Working on a side business in addition to their 9-5 job

Entrepreneurs inside an existing organization. Developing new products / projects inside an organization as an employee

Interested in learning about entrepreneurship as a skillset

Technical Details

  • The course is virtual (via Zoom)

  • The program is taking place every week on Wednesdays from June 5th to July 31st at 12pm ET.

  • The course cost is 1200$ (instead of 1500$ for early birds until April).

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